The taste of fresheness!


Chocolate and orange tart, caramalised oranges, salted caramel   £6.95


Fragrant Thai rice pudding with Mango coulis   £6.75 Gf, Ve


Warm pecan pie served with clotted cream ice cream   £6.45 V, N


Brulee of the day served with homemade biscuits   £6.25 Gf*

(Please ask a member of staff for flavour)


Oreo cheesecake, chocolate sauce and home made crème fraiche ice cream £6.95


Trio of ice-creams or sorbets   £5.25 Gf


Selection of British cheese, served with crackers, grapes, chutney and celery sticks

£8.95 Gf*



Gf ,Gf* Indicates the dish is Gluten Free or can be adapted to be gluten free – We will try to adapt most of our dishes to suit Gluten free diets, please ask a member of staff
V indicates dish is suitable for vegetarians, Ve indicates dish is suitable for vegans N Indicates dish contains Nuts
Our meat products are all locally sourced from Local farms. All our products are homemade. All our steaks are hand cut and all our meat is butchered locally using local suppliers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee our busy kitchens are 100% allergen free. Please always inform waiting staff of any specific dietary



Mini Misu - Creme de cacao, Tia Maria and chocolate baileys and cream
Hazelnut whip - Franjelico, baileys and cream
After eight - Creme de cacao, Creme de menthe, baileys and cream

Tia Maria
Baileys Irish Cream
Disaranno Amaretto